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Flash Quotes D6 W – Italy v Croatia 31-2, Group B

Italy v Croatia 31-2 – Day 6, Women, Group B

Flash Quotes

Fabio Conti, head coach, Italy

It is difficult to say anything about this match. I’m satisfied with the condition of my players, they are improving every day.

Darko Azic, assistant coach, Croatia

There was a big difference between the teams. We have only five clubs in our country, Italy has over 200. We tried as much as we can, but our best player, Emmi Miljkovic has an injury from the game against Serbia and this made our job even harder. We are the youngest team in the championships, in the following matches we’ll try to play better.

Aleksandra Cotti, player, Italy

It was a good match, the difference between us was huge, but our team was concentrated all match and you could see the result.

Lea Gegic, player, Croatia

I think that we played better in our previous game against Spain. Today we didn’t defend well and we must try to do better in our next matches against Germany and France.