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Flash Quotes D6 M – Hungary v Turkey 20-5, Group D

Hungary v Turkey 20-5 – Day 6, Men, Group D

Flash Quotes

Tibor Benedek, head coach, Hungary

We had a plan to win by 20 goals at least but I can’t say any negative things to my team. The boys brought their best to the pool, tiny things decide whether you score a bit more goals in a game like this, a post, an exclusion instead of a penalty, a counter-fault, but after all I cannot be dissatisfied what I saw. This is our journey we’ll take whatever comes next.

Mehmet Alp Olcaytu, head coch, Turkey

We tried to play well and give our best. But we lost all our power against the Hungarian team. We will do what we can to come back from this for the next match.

Balazs Erdelyi, player, Hungary

I think it was an easier game for us. But we could have scored more goals than we did. We are a little bit disappointed. We’re going to watch the game between Greece and Russia tonight, because that is the game which will decide about the final standings in our group.

Srdan Aksentijevic, player, Turkey

This was an easier training for them, but a new experience for us. Anyway we will have one more difficult match against Italy in the knockout phase. And then I suppose we will have easier contests in which we can give better resistance.