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Flash Quotes DAY11 M – Spain v Russia 10-9, for places 5-8

Spain v Russia 10-9 Day 11, Men, for places 5-8 

Flash Quotes


Gabriel Hernandez, head coach, Spain

We had to win this match, as always, to stay in the tournament. I’m not really satisfied with the game, in the first three quarters we played well, with energy, but in the last I don’t know why couldn’t keep the level of our focus high enough.

Erkin Shagaev, head coach, Russia

Of course we wanted to win, however, I’m not so disappointed that we lost. For us it was important to get a very good experience here. I think we player well today, obviously Spain was better today, particularly in the first two quarters.

Albert Espanol, player, Spain

The important thing is that we won. We were leading throughout the whole match but at the end we gave some chances to them and we almost got in trouble. The game was tough, we are not so satisfied but we won and that’s what matters now.

Dmitrii Kholod, player, Russia

It was a hard match against a very great team. They are prepared tactically and physically, we played bad, I think we scored from only 20 percent of our shots. We will watch this match again and try to solve the problems.