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Flash Quotes D11 W – Russia v Spain 8-12 Quarter-finals (A3-B2)

Russia v Spain 8-12 Day 11, Women, Quarter-finals (A3-B2) 

Flash Quotes


Alexander Gaidukov, head coach, Russia

We started the match very well against a great Spanish and I have to say that today my team showed character. We played well altogether, our the problem was that we lost the second period 5-0.

Miguel Oca, head coach, Spain

It wasn’t as easy as it looked like. We had to work very hard because Russia is a very dangerous team. They are very good in counter-attack so you have to be very careful, but in defence we reached a fine level. For the next game against the Netherlands I expect a very tough game because at the moment they play extremely well. We have to bring everything to the water and do everything very well to win that game.

Ekaterina Lisunova, player, Russia

The game was hard for us. I’m sad because our fans and families came to support us but we couldn’t win.

Jennifer Pareja, player, Spain

It was a very tough game, at this phase the matches are getting more difficult. At the beginning it was an even match but we lifted our game and finally we managed to win