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Flash Quotes D11 W – Hungary v France 18-6 Quarter-finals

Hungary v France 18-6 Day 11, Women, Quarter-finals (A2-B3) 

Flash Quotes


Attila Biro, head coach, Hungary

The game was a very good preparation for tomorrow. We played very well, we tried to focus on the defence as always and score as many goals as possible. We will have a lot of tactical battle against Italy in the semis as we played with them for a couple of times in the past months.

Filippos Sakelis, head coach, France

I think Hungary has a very good team, they have amazing players and want to qualify for the Olympic Games. We tried to play a good game, we had some bad but also some good periods. I hope we can keep the good things in mind and improve the bad ones for the next game.

Anna Illes, player, Hungary

It was a quarter-final we took it seriously, no matter whom we played. We are happy, in the next game we try to win because we are not only going for the gold medal here, it also for the Olympics.

Louise Guillet, player, France

It was a hard game, we didn’t play well – they did, and that’s normal in this match…