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Flash Quotes D11 W – Netherlands v Germany 19-2 Quarter-finals

Netherlands v Germany 19-2 Day 11, Women, Quarter-finals (A1-B4) 

Flash Quotes


Arno Havenga, head coach, Netherlands

We knew this game would be easy for us, I’m satisfied with the first two periods. Afterwards we tried a few things and now ready for the semis. Today we just wanted to play, get rhythm and feel the water. It was a really interesting fight for first.

Milos Sekulic, head coach, Germany

We’d like to control the ball, that we made more or less well but not in the first period. The Netherlands are much better team than us so it was OK.

Laura Aarts, goalkeeper, Netherlands

We expected this win but not with this large difference because this is a quarter-final. We practiced some tactics and we hope that we are going all the way to the final.

Carmen Gelse, player, Germany

The Netherlands was much better than us, but anyhow they rushed over us in the first period. We must play a much smarter game not letting so many counter-attacks. We must beat other teams here.