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Flash Quotes D12 W – Germany v Russia 2-22 for places 5-8

Germany v Russia 2-22 Day 12, Women, for places 5-8

Flash Quotes

Milos Sekulic, head coach, Germany

The goal for today was to avoid getting injuries and gave more rest to our important players with an eye on the match against France tomorrow, where we’d like to have a good game. The Russians are much better physically, they have more power than us.

Aleksander Gaidukov, head coach, Russia

The German team is very young, so it was a good training for us. Tomorrow is the last game against Greece and the tournament will be finished for us. We lost three games here, against Hungary, Spain and the Netherlands, now comes Greece, we know them very well and hope we play better against them.

Carmen Gelse, player, Germany

The priority for us is the match tomorrow versus France, but anyhow, our defence didn’t work well today, we got too many goals. We had quite a lot work in training in front of us, but not there is only one important thing: to finish on the 7th place.

Anastasia Simanovich, player, Russia

I don’t think about this game, we wanted a medal here, but we cannot be happy now as the championships didn’t go in the way we would have liked to.