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Flash Quotes D12 W – France v Greece 6-12, for places 5-8

France v Greece 6-12 Day 12, Women, for places 5-8

Flash Quotes


Filippos Sakelis, head coach, France

We wanted to have a good game and to be as competitive as we can. We had a destructive second period but in the other periods we played well, we were indeed competitive. We are waiting a game where we can be competitive for four periods against the big teams. I’m satisfied with our performance except for the second quarter, the team played very concentrated, we controlled the pace.

Athanasios Kechagias, head coach, Greece

I’d like to congratulate the French national team. We played well, we played properly but also showed some weaknesses.

Louise Guillet, player, France

We started the game well in the first quarter but after we didn’t play well and fell behind. We did try to finish well. The most important thing now is to look forward our last game for the seventh place.

Christina Tsoukala, player, Greece

This game was not something we were afraid of. However, it was difficult after our previous match where we lost, to go again and play. Although we did not have strong results, we enjoy this tournament.