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Flash Quotes D12 M – France v Netherlands 11-8, for places 9-12

France v Netherlands 11-8 Day 12, Men, for places 9-12 

Flash Quotes


Florian Bruzzo, head coach, France

The game was very important, first of all, to qualify for the pre-Olympic tournament, to make sure that we will go to this event. Second, to make a good game against the Netherlands, because we lost against them during the qualification tournament last February. I’m satisfied with the first five minutes, after that we stopped to play as a team and started to play individually so the second and third periods were not good but the fourth was better again.

Robin van Galen, Netherlands

We are missing Robin Lindhout (top scorer for the Dutch so far), but the team pulled together and now we are looking forward playing Germany in our last game. I hoped to win this game as there is great rivalry between the two countries. I was disappointed with the first period but after some discussion the team pulled together. Unfortunately we missed several chances.

Remi Garsau, goalie, France

It was an important game for us, in terms of Olympic qualification. We had a good start, led 5-1 in the first quarter then we were challenged in the second quarter but we didn’t give up so we maintained our lead. They were missing their best player but we still had to play hard to keep the advantage. We will learn from our experience in Budapest where we were tired in the last game under the pressure and we will do better next time. 

Roeland Spijker, Netherlands

We are disappointed because we lost. The first quarter was really bad on our side, we didn’t start what we should have. In the end we lost by three goals but in the first period we were down by four so we made the mistakes then. On the whole, we played better than in previous games, we liked to keep the score even, but we missed many chances and we are missing one of our best players but we pulled together.