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Flash Quotes D12 M – Turkey v Georgia 11-12, for places 13-16

Turkey v Georgia 11-12 Day 12, Men, for places 13-16 

Flash Quotes


Mehmet Olcaytu, head coach, Turkey

We had a bad start, in the last period we played well – more I don’t like to say on this match.

Vladimer Iselidze, coach, Georgia

We proved that we were the better team, the boys showed great character. After the last games, for example against Germany where we were very close to win, it was very difficult make the players believe again, to get them bouncing back and preparing for this game today, to have our heads in the right place. But finally we could do it.

Deniz Sen, player, Turkey

It was an unusual game because we played very early. It was a very physical game with hard fouls, we came back in the last quarter after we woke up. The tournament’s organisation is very good, however, this early start is not normal.

Kvicha Jakhaia, player Georgia

We are very happy that we won our first game at these European Championships, this tournament for us has been a very good experience as we have very young players including myself. The last quarter we lost concentration and we feel we are better than that.