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LEN President communication to FINA about Committees

Dear Executive Director,

With regards to your request for the approval by mail vote of the persons suggested for appointment to the FINA Committees (here the document) I hereby re-confirm my clear disappointment as I already did in my email to you of the 30 July 2017.

Over and above what I stated in my previous communication I wish to underline the following points resulting from the FINA World Championships recently held in Budapest:


Total Medal Count 228:

Europe 105 (46.1%), Americas 64 (28.2%), Asia 44 (19.2%), Oceania 12 (5.2%) and Africa 3 (1.3%)

Total Finalists (Athlete/Team) Count 719:

Europe 353 (49,1%), Americas 182 (25,2%), Asia 126 (17,5%), Oceania 51 (7,1%), Africa 7 (0,1%)

– National Federations which had at least one athlete qualified to a Final in at least one discipline: 51

– 30 of these are European Federations affiliated to LEN (58.8%), 21 are Federations coming from the other 4 Continents:  Americas 9 (17.6%), Asia 8 (15.7%), Oceania 2 (3.9%) and Africa 2 (3.9%).


Detailed overview – Europe’s figures in Budapest 2017


These figures only confirm the important role which the European LEN Members play within FINA. This is furthermore indicative of the important and essential role which officials coming from European Member countries have within the management of FINA events and activities.

The important and valuable contribution of such persons has been totally disregarded and the FINA leadership has done nothing to remedy this state of affairs.

As I have already informed you this behaviour by the FINA leadership confirms the intentional divisive attitude being utilised. As you are very much aware I have already denounced this in the past.

Furthermore, I ask the FINA leadership to not attribute to Europe such appointments as those which are made directly and exclusively by FINA including persons employed with FINA itself.

In relation to the above, and in order to reiterate my total dissatisfaction with the behaviour demonstrated which goes against the interest of the best sporting spirit as well as from a purely political point of view, I wish to inform you that the Italian Federation which I am proud to represent, hereby relinquishes the appointments nominated to the FINA Committees.


Paolo Barelli, LEN President