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Euro Cup, Qualification Round I – summary

No major casualties in the opening round of the Euro Cup qualifications: both Italian (Posillipo, Canottieri), Hungarian (FTC, BVSC) and Croatian (Mladost, POSK) participants reached the next phase respectively, joined by a Spaniard (Terrassa) and a French (Pays D’Aix Natation) side.

Two battles stood out, both were played for the first place. In Group B, FTC managed to beat POSK Split 13-12 in a thrilling encounter after leading throughout the match. The Croats never gave up but couldn’t equalise at the end.

The other big game was staged between Canottieri and BVSC in Group C, the Hungarians held the lead from the beginning, the Italians went up only once, at the very end of the match (9-8) and finished first, thanks to that win.

Group A (Aix-en-Provence)

  1. Mladost Zagreb (CRO) 7, 2. Pays D’Aix Natation (FRA) 4, 3. Montpellier (FRA) 2, 4. Shturm 2002 (RUS) 2

Group B (Budapest)

  1. FTC Budapest (HUN) 6, 2. POSK Split (CRO) 3, 3. Bayer Uerdingen (GER) 0

Group C (Kosice)

  1. Canottieri Napoli (ITA) 9, 2. BVSC-Zuglo (HUN) 6, 3. Primorac Kotor (MNE) 3, 4. Hornets Kosice (SVK) 0

Group D (Napoli)

  1. Posillipo Napoli (ITA) 9, 2. CN Terrassa (ESP) 6, 3. Kinef Kirishi (RUS) 3, 4. OSC Potsdam (GER) 0

The first two seeded teams went through from each group. The next round will see two groups of fours.