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Diving – Men’s 3m springboard FINAL – Flash Quotes & Clip

Flash Quotes – Day 4, 12 May


Gold medal

Evgeniy Kuznetsov, Russia, 497.90

“Winning my first solo gold in 3m makes me really happy, though I’m less impressed with my performance as I made smaller mistakes in almost all my dives. The beginning of this season was even worse but after the World Series events in Beijing and in Kazan my confidence grew and that helped to achieve this result.”

Silver medal

Jack Laugher, Great Britain, 473.60

“I feel like I came out really strong, my first two dives were amazing and I felt strong. I have an issue where sometimes my calves cramp up, this happened on dive two which then make I dived short on my third dive. It shook me a little but I bounced back. I still finished with an OK score and there were some good things in there but a little bit of a disappointment that a slight mishap affected my finishing position. It’s definitely been a lesson for me having to claw my way back into the medals but coming away with the silver. It’s fantastic to have the home crowd, this session has been the most packed so far and it really helps. I’ve had a positive season so far and that medal will help my confidence. I’ve got things I know I can work on being ready for the Olympic trials in June and the beyond.”

Bronze medal

Illya Kvasha, Ukraine, 463.85

“I’m not really satisfied and I’m a little bit tired as I got a cold two days ago and the post-effects have been disturbing a little bit. But I tried to do my best and got a medal after all. Evgeniy Kuznetsov was very strong today and showed a great performance.”Flash – The podium. QUOTES AND MORE following …


Evgeny Kuznetsov, winner of Men’s 3m… by lentv