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Synchronised swimming – Duet free routine, final

Flash Quotes
 – Day 3, 11 May


Gold medal

Russia, 96.9000

Svetlana Romashina:

“I think we can declare that this is the most difficult routine we have ever had in our career. So we are satisfied with the performance we had today. For many long years our approach is that we are mermaids and we’d like to show that in our choreography, with our moves. Our coach said that today we did a good job and I think we can also be satisfied with the high marks we received. It’s good feedback before the Olympics.”

Svetlana Romashina, winner of Synchro Duet Free… by lentv

Silver medal

Ukraine, 93.3333

No quote.

Bronze medal

Italy, 91.2667

Constanza Ferro:

“We are very happy with this medal. For us the European Championships are very important but our final goal is the Olympics in this year. There we will perform the same routine as here. We have been training for that for one and a half years.The bronze earned here justifies our efforts.”