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Arena European Masters Championships – Update from the LEN Bureau

At its meeting in Rome, the LEN Bureau welcomed the strong interest in the 2016 Arena European Masters Championships set for London in May. More than 10,000 athletes across synchronised swimming, diving and swimming have made 25,000 entries for the Championships at the London Aquatics Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Such interest is unprecedented and is a strong testament to the growing interest in masters aquatics across Europe and signals a new high water mark for the sport.

The LEN Bureau did recognise that such a level of unprecedented interest presents challenges for LEN and the LOC and, as such, compromises have to be made to accommodate all entries.

The reduction of swimming entries from five per athlete to three has led to disappointment, which LEN accept, but the LEN Bureau wish to thank everyone who has already obliged by this.

With entries for all three disciplines set to close on March 15, only a handful remain to be reduced and the LEN Bureau are certain all those entered appreciate your actions.

In addition the LEN Bureau have amended the regulations to enable athletes to adjust entries or withdraw fully and receive a full refund. The deadline by which athletes can adjust or withdraw fully is April 4, after which no adjustments or withdrawals will be permitted.

Refunds for reduction to three events and full withdrawals will be made as soon as possible after April 4. LEN will provide the LOC the information confirming those to be refunded and the amount as soon as it can after April 4. The LOC will work with PayPal to process as quickly as possible.

LEN and the LOC are working hard to ensure all synchronised swimmers, divers and swimmers entered enjoy the absolute best experience at the Championships in London.

The longer distance events at the Championships will operate as they have done in the past with two swimmers per lane. All three pools at the London Aquatics Centre will be in use for the Championships and warm up and swim down will be very limited.

The Championships are sure to be busy but the LEN Bureau believe it will be a fantastic celebration for the masters movement and one that can be learnt from. The LEN Bureau hope you will work with us to ensure we all enjoy this unique opportunity.