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2020 News Press Releases

LEN suspends all travels for its representatives

Given the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading throughout Europe and the implementation of stricter and stricter containment measures decided by various governments, the following measure will be effective as of immediately:

Travelling and participation on behalf of LEN of any officially designated LEN person (Delegates, Officials, Lecturers, Observers, etc.) to any Competition, Clinic or any other Sport or Non-Sport Event is temporarily suspended, up until 15 April 2020.

In the coming days LEN will assess, also in accordance with the single Country directives and based on the evolution of the situation, whether such ban for the officially designated LEN people will need to be maintained beyond 15 April 2020.

It remains clear that LEN cannot and has no intention to interfere with staging of any non-LEN-sanctioned event organised under the jurisdiction of any National Federations. The decision whether such events are held as planned, cancelled or rescheduled remains the sole responsibility of the local organisers and National Federations.

LEN shall continue monitoring and evaluating the situation and inform you if further measures will be needed in order to unconditionally safeguard the health and safety of the whole LEN Family.