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European Short Course Championships D5 – flash quotes

Day 5 Quotes of the medal winners 

Women’s 200m breaststroke

Gold: Mariia Temnikova (RUS) 2:18.35

”I’m extremely happy, because I’ve done the task. I fought hard to be in the final and to get this medal.”

Silver: Molly Renshaw (GBR) 2:19.66

”I decided to go out fast and see if I were able to keep the pace till the end. The last 50m was a bit difficult but I’m satisfied with my achievement.”

Bronze: Martina Carraro (ITA) 2:19.68

”Oooh, that was really unexpected! After my gold and silver medals I was missing a bronze. And I just got it today, so it’s a complete set in Glasgow!”

Men’s 100m freestyle

Gold: Vladimir Morozov (RUS) 45.53

Quote after the relay.

Silver: Alessandro Miressi (ITA) 45.90

”I’m very satisfied, it was an exciting race. I had much fun out there.”

Bronze: Vladislav Grinev (RUS) 46.35

”I’m happy with this bronze but not really satisfied with my time. I didn’t have so much time to prepare this competition.”

Women’s 100m butterfly

Gold: Anastasia Shkurdai (BLR) 56.21 EJR

”I am happy! I don’t believe this happened to me!”

Silver: Elena di Liddo (ITA) 56.37

”I’m very happy and satisfied. I was expecting a very competitive race as we all have similar personal bests. At least I had fun swimming in this final.”

Bronze: Anna Ntountounaki (GRE) 56.44

”I told myself to go out as fast as possible and see what happens. It was enough to make an unexpected medal… And now I’m crying in happiness…”

Men’s 100m IM

Gold: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) 51.15

”It was so hard after the 50m back semis. But I’m happy that I had the strength to achieve this. I really wanted to win this gold and I’m especially happy for the Russian 1-2.”

Silver: Sergei Fesikov (RUS) 51.59

”The final was great and I am really happy to be here because this is my 7th final in this event since 2007. I like to fight with my friend Kliment and to stand on the podium at the end.”

Bronze: Andreas Vazaios (GRE) 51.62

Quote after the 200m fly final.

Women’s 400m freestyle

Gold: Simona Quadarella (ITA) 3:59.75

”Amazing! I can’t believe it. I tried to start as fast as I could. For me, the 400m is very difficult but I gave everything I had.”

Silver: Isabel Gose (GER) 4:00.01

”I’m happy for the medal but my time was off by 1.5sec of my PB. I know this is my first medal at a senior European Championships, still, the time is not so good.”

Bronze: Ajna Kesely (HUN) 4:00.04

”I need to wait for my turn, it seems. I have to train more to turn a swim like this to gold. Anyway, I’m happy with this medal but in my dreams I wanted gold in this race. I wished to beat one of the national records in my events but short-course doesn’t really suit me.”

Men’s 200m butterfly

Gold: Andreia Vazaios (GRE) 1:50.23

”It’s part of my strategy to swim the 200m this way, to make the last 50m at a maximum speed. I’m really so-so happy! My performance was great. It was so hard to get this gold but everything went great. I’m happy with both my times (in the 100m IM and 200m fly). To tell you the truth, the bronze in the IM just fired me up for this final. I took the lead and tried to keep my head down and win. And I did it!

Silver: Ramon Klenz (GER) 1:51.51

”I had no problem during the race, everything went as planned. And of course I’m more than satisfied with my first international medal.”

Bronze: James Guy (GBR) 1:51.73

”I feel great, I raced hard and smart. I knew I had a chance for a medal and just fought for that. And I’m getting stronger again.”

Women’s 50m freestyle

Gold: Maria Kameneva (RUS) 23.56

“This is my first gold medal at the European Championships. I didn’t expect this to happen here, because the second day of the event was very tough for me. Now I’m really satisfied and delighted!”

Silver: Melanie Henique (FRA) 23.66

“I’m very happy, I didn’t expect this at all. I beat the French record which was very important to me. So I’m really happy now, both with the record and the silver medal.”

Bronze: Pernille Blume (DEN) 23.73

”I’m really happy, honestly, I feel a bit tired. There was only short amount of time between the races.”

Men’s 50m backstroke

Gold: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) 22.75

”It was so hard after the semi-finals and the 100m IM final – but winning is in my blood.”

Silver: Christian Diener (GER) 23.07

”I’ve just completed my set of silver medals in the backstroke events.”

Bronze: Shane Ryan (IRL) 23.12

”It’s good, I still have to clean up some things in my turn since that cost me the silver medal I think. But I’m happy after all.”

Women’s 4x50m medley relay

Gold: Poland 1:44.85

Katarzyna Wasick

”We have an amazing team behind us. I just closed my eyes and I tried to focus as it came right after the 50m free final. We didn’t expect to win this relay. We tried to enjoy as much as possible. Now we are over the Moon!”

Silver: Italy 1.44.92

Benedetta Pilato:

”I’m satisfied, I’m not sure about my time and don’t what to say at this moment. The feeling is really great.”

Silvia di Pietro:

“I’m happy with our performance. We were all-in hundred per cent. I’m really satisfied.”

Bronze: Russia 1.44.96

Nika Godun:

”I think we did pretty good, we are satisfied with the podium even though we wanted the gold of course.”

Men’s 4x50m medley relay

Gold: Russia 1.30.63

Vladimir Morozov:

”I had the 100m before, the time is great and I’m very happy now. We wanted to finish these championships with a great success. We all came into this race with very different emotions, we wanted to be fast, and we were!”

Silver: Hungary 1:32.10

Richard Bohus

”I knew we were able to get a medal here, I told the guys that! I pumped myself up, I told myself to do anything for these boys. I swam like hell, I lowered my personal best but this was a true team effort, for us a win.”

Bronze: Belarus 1:32.29

Viktar Staselovich:

”UN-BE-LIE-VABLE! We still cannot believe this! What we could see on the screen, the three DSQs… It was a very tough race, maybe by tomorrow it’s going to sink in…”