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European Short Course Championships D3 – flash quotes

Medallists D3 flash quotes – Glasgow European Short Course Swimming Championships 2019

Women’s 100m freestyle

Gold: Freya Anderson (GBR)

“I’m shocked and happy. I didn’t expect the medal in this event. I feel so tired now but it’s been amazing. I know there were big names in this event but big names don’t win races and I just wanted to compete with this great swimmers.”

Silver: Beryl Castaldello (FRA)

”The goal was to swim a low-52 despite of being tired from yesterday races. I put some silver nail-paints onto my toes – now I see I should have chosen gold…”

Bronze: Femke Heemskerk (NED)

”I think I had a good race. I would have liked to do a little bit more. The new generation is stepping up but I’m still here and that’s a good feeling.”

Women’s 200m backstroke

Gold: Margherita Panziera (ITA) 2:01.45

“I’m very satisfied, I think I’ve bettered our national record. The race was tough, the other girls came so fast and I thought I couldn’t make it so I’m really happy for this gold.”

Silver: Daryna Zevina (UKR) 2:02.25

”I had a long holiday, almost a year with no swimming. Two months before the competition I’ve started training so I had no expectation coming here as I didn’t know what I was capable of achieving here. Now I got two silvers so I’m really happy now.”

Bronze: Kira Toussaint (NED) 2:03.04

”I’m totally exhausted. This 200m race never ends. I’m definitely a 50-100m swimmer. My mother is in the stands and I’m sure she enjoys it and perhaps she is proud that I got a medal in the 200m too.” (Note: Kira’s mother Yolanda de Rover was Olympic champion in this event in 1984.)

Men’s 200m IM

Gold: Andreas Vazaios (GRE) 1:50.85 ER

“I wanted to do the European record so I’m so excited now. It was so hard and I really wanted to win this. This represents all my hard work and dedication, which has just paid off. I want to thank this to my family and my coaching staff for always being there for me.”

Silver: Tomoe Zenimoto Hvas (NOR) 1:51.74

”I’m absolutely delighted! This medal means a lot to me, to my coach, to my club. This is a very big moment for me.”

Bronze: Philip Heintz (GER) 1.52.55

”I trained much less this year, so I was already very satisfied with making the final. I was not aiming at a medal at all so I’m really pleased with this bronze.”

Women’s 200m fly

Gold: Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 2:03.21

“That was something you could kind of expect from this race. I love racing so I enjoyed this battle very much.”

Silver: Ilaria Bianchi (ITA) 2:04.20

”I wasn’t expecting this. I managed to get ahead and stuck with it till the end.”

Bronze: Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN) 2:05.00

”Almost as good time as I had in the heats where I had to push hard as besides Katinka we had Bogi (Boglarka Kapas, world champion in Gwangju) in the heats and only two of us could make it. Reaching the final was the target, this bronze is a bonus. What makes me happy that the list time I was able to clock times like today was in 2013.”

Men’s 100m back

Gold: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) 49.09

“I feel tired, tut that’s cool and I’m happy with the result. I think I can go faster, I don’t think I’ve reached my limit today. I don’t like to talk about times but I’m sure I’ll go faster in the relay.”

Silver: Christian Diener (GER) 49.94

”I missed my third turn, it was not good enough to win this race. Nevertheless, it’s a national record. I just have to improve.”

Bronze: Robert-Andrei Glinta (ROU) 50.30

”I’m satisfied. It was a pretty busy season so this medal means a lot to me.”

Women’s 100m IM

Gold: Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 57.36

“Wow, that was fun! And it’s an honour that I could win Hungary’s 1000th medal at big championships since 1896. Obviously, this had to be a gold so I’m really happy to win this race. This 57.3 makes me pretty satisfied because I’m anything but fast now in the middle of heavy trainings but after so many years spent at this level I kind of know that in a final like this I have to step up and indeed I step up.”

Silver: Maria Kameneva (RUS) 57.59

“I am satisfied because I beat the national record. This is not an Olympic distance so I’m not really focusing on it. I have confidence in myself because of the results I achieved in this season. It’s a good finish of the year.”

Bronze: Jenna Laukkanen (FIN) 58.62

”I don’t know what’s happened, I’m still in shock! It was so unexpected, especially because it’s my second swim this afternoon of the 100m breast semis.”

Men’s 1500m freestyle

Gold: Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 14:17.14

“I didn’t have a plan for today’s race. It was quite difficult, I haven’t swum since the World Championships. But then this field all came together with great rivals, so it’s a great feeling to be European champion once again. The race was tough, very tough. Yesterday I felt better in the heats, today I didn’t have the same feeling but then it’s a final, tensions are in the air and that’s how finals look like. All in all, I’m quite satisfied.”

Silver: Henrik Christiansen (NOR) 14:18.15

”I felt really good today unlike the 400m which was not that great. Now I’m happy for the medal and the time.”

Bronze: David Aubry (FRA) 14:25.66

”I was not very prepared for this meet because the main goal in the coming season is the Olympic Games. The race was not easy for me but it’s always nice to grab a medal.”

Men’s 50m freestyle

Gold: Vladimir Morozov (RUS) 20.40

“I feel good, I wanted this gold. Racing against Manaudou is always motivating and now the mission is accomplished. I wanted to break the world record but I’ve come a bit short. This is my fourth final and my fourth gold here so I’m really happy. I’m ready and prepared for racing a lot, we’ll see how the 100m will go tomorrow.”

Silver: Florent Manaudou (FRA) 20.66

“After this long break and six months of training this is not too bad. I’m a little bit unhappy for finishing only second but it’s normal for a racer. I did not really know how to prepare myself between the semis and the final.”

Bronze: Maxim Lobanovskii (HUN) 20.76

”I expected that time. And I know I can get even faster so the next goal is to swim under 20 next season. After the semis I felt terrible but it’s always better to swim bad at the beginning of the session than in the final. I wanted to beat these guys, Vladimir and Florent, I couldn’t make it but next time I’ll have another try.”

Women’s 4x50m freestyle relay

Gold (tied): France 1:35.21

Anna Santamans:

“It’s just like a dream to win a gold medal upon my comeback. I heavily injured my shoulders and it took me two years to recover.”

Gold (tied): Netherlands 1:35.21

Valerie van Roon:

”It’s so-so great and amazing. We are all really happy.”

Tamara van Vliet:

“It feels really great. We all wanted this gold really badly because two years ago we had won and we wanted to repeat that.”

Bronze: Denmark 1:35.24

Pernille Blume

”I think it was a good relay race, it was really close. So I think we did a great job.”