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European Short Course Championships D2 – flash quotes

Medallists D2 flash quotes – Glasgow European Short Course Swimming Championships 2019

Men’s 200m freestyle

Gold: Danas Rapsys (LTU) 1:41.12

“I had no special strategy, how to start, how to go at the end because I felt tired after the 400m free yesterday. I had to dig into my reserve for the last 50m. I focused only on myself, didn’t really see or care of the others.”

Silver: Duncan Scott (GBR) 1:41.42

“It was a hard race and it’s a hard day but it’s OK to have this silver.”

Bronze: Mikhail Vekhovishchev (RUS) 1:41.52

“I’m happy, I expected a medal.”

Men’s 200m breaststroke

Gold: Arno Kamminga (NED) 2:02.36

“Amazing, it was so close! It feels so good to be on top. Yesterday I won my first European medal and today I claimed my first gold so it’s been incredible two days. Though I’m a bit tired, this was my sixth race in two days, I’m waiting to have some calmer moments now.”

Silver: Erik Persson (SWE) 2:02.80

“It’s my first time on the podium so I’m so happy. I felt good this morning and I thought it was possible to get a medal here.”

Bronze: Marco Koch (GER) 2.02.87

“I’m totally exhausted, it was not a good race, I’m not happy at all.”

Men’s 400m IM

Gold: Max Litchfield (GBR) 4:01.36

“It’s good. This is a good time at this stage of the year. I cannot complain, hopefully I will come out even stronger next time.”

Silver: Ilia Borodin (RUS) 4:03.65 EJR

“I’m so happy because of the medal and because this is my first national record and a junior European record.”

Bronze: Daniil Pasynkov (RUS) 4:04.98

“This was a good race for me. It is also a very great feeling to have two Russians finishing in the top three.”

Women’s 100m back

Gold: Kira Toussiant (NED) 55.71

“At the end I won an individual gold medal at a major championship! The plan was to achieve fast times yesterday and today the gold was in the focus. Considering where I was last year, it’s crazy to achieve all this.”

Silver: Maria Kameneva (RUS) 56.10

“I am happy.”

Bronze: Georgia Davies (GBR) 56.73

“I’m a little bit disappointed with my time, but also pleased to be on the podium again. The finals are not always the fastest races, it’s about pacing yourself and getting the medal. All in all, I’m very happy to be on the podium especially in front of a home crowd.”

Men’s 100m fly

Gold: Marius Kusch (GER) 49.06

“Yesterday I controlled my races, I left some reserves and not swam on my top. I adjusted some technical details with my coach in order to win this title.”

Silver: Mikhail Vekhovishchek (RUS) 49.53

“I’m very happy for getting two medals in one evening. I had some time to rest between the races and that helped. I’m proud of my performance today.”

Bronze: Marcin Cieslak (POL) 49.75

“I didn’t see this coming. I’m super-happy, it is my first medal at the Europeans. Next is the 50m fly, my goal is to get into the final then we’ll see.”

Women’s 800m free

Gold: Simona Quadarella (ITA)

“I wanted to improve my time but at the end I’m happy with the gold medal. I confirmed my status as European champion. This is was not the specific race I prepared for, still, I could have swum it a bit better. It’s all about the preparations to the Olympics.”

Silver: Ajna Kesely (HUN)

“I wouldn’t say I wish to any of my enemies the feeling when you recognise that you miscalculated the laps. Sometimes it happens to me in short-course… Otherwise, it was good to stay that close to Simona so I’m curious to see how the 400m free will unfold.”

Bronze: Martina Caramignoli (ITA)

“I am super-happy. I was expecting this medal but over the first laps I felt nervous I could only calm down and feel good at the end of the race.”

Women’s 50m fly

Gold: Melanie Henique (FRA) 24.56 CR

“Just one word: amazing! Sorry but I have the relay in a few minutes.”

Silver: Beryl Castaldello (FRA) 24.78

“Considering that I’ve swum three races in this evening I have to be satisfied with this result as it is a personal best.”

Bronze: Jeanette Ottesen (DEN) 25.15

“It feels great, it’s nice to be back. I didn’t expect this to happen this fast only two years after having a baby. I only have a relay with the girls tomorrow then I go home. My focus then will be on the ISL finals.”

Bronze: Emilie Beckman (DEN) 25.15

“I am happy with the medal because this season was about building confidence. And this is my second fastest time ever so I’m proud.”

Bronze: Emilie Beckman (DEN) 25.15

“I am happy with the medal because this season was about building confidence. And this is my second fastest time ever so I’m proud.”

Mixed 4x50m medley relay

Gold: Russia 1:36.22 WR

Vladimir Morozov:

“We have a team with the best specialists in each stroke. Still, you never know what can happen in this type of race – though today everything has happened as planned.”

Silver: Netherlands 1:37.12

Femke Heemskerk:

“We are so happy for the medal and we almost broke the national record. We were swimming a little bit behind the Russians but we did our best and I think everyone was amazing.”

Bronze: Denmark 1:38.02

Mathias Rysgaard:

“Excellent, full stop! Awesome, full stop! This is my first European medal so I’m over the Moon and the way back!”