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BELGRADE 2016 – Spain v Slovakia 13-4 Flash Quotes Day 1, Men, Group A

Spain v Slovakia 13-4 – Day 1, Men, Group A

flash quotes

Albert Espanol, player, Spain

At the beginning we played really well, and that was important, then we lost our rhythm a little bit. The Slovakians are much better what they showed today, still, they didn’t force us to do our best.

Antonio Esteller, head coach, Slovakia

I hope for a better game from my team in the next days. We have to work hard to get as many wins as we can.

Lukas Seman, player, Slovakia

It was the first game at this level for most of our players so there’s no wonder that this is the outcome. It’s not Spain we have to be on even terms with, for us the next match against the Netherlands is what counts. I might even say we used this game to be prepared for the following one.