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Water Polo

News and Stories from Belgrade part 2

“Azzurri” invited by Italian Ambassador

News & Stories from Belgrade – PART 2 – 12 January

After their first victories at the 32nd European Water Polo Championships over Germany in men’s tournament (16-5) and against the French women (10-3) on Monday both Italian teams were in a hurry to leave the Kombank Arena. Ambassador Giuseppe Manzo had invited the delegation to a reception in the Italian Embassy.

Here, the representative of Italy in Serbia welcomed not only the two teams, their coaches and the officials but also Paolo Barelli, President of the European Swimming Federation LEN and the Italian Swimming Federation FIN, together with the Serbian Minister of Youth and Sports, Vanja Udovicic. “It’s my great pleasure to welcome you all. I wish all the best for the European Championships,” said Mr. Manzo.

“There are certainly serious opponents and games waiting for both teams. But we also wanted to show that we are able to organise ‘sporting festive evenings’,” said Udovicic who described himself as “half Italian”. During his active career the World Champion of 2005 and 2009 (with Serbia & Montenegro and Serbia) and three-time European champion (2003/Serbia & Montenegro, 2006 and 2012/Serbia) played among others in Italy for CN Posillipo Naples and Pro Recco.

Paolo Barelli who called Udovicic jokingly “Minister of Water Polo, Sports and Youth” thanked the ambassador for the invitation. The LEN and FIN President was delighted by the atmosphere in the Kombank Arena. “We are very pleased with the start of the event”, said Mr. Barelli.