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Flash Quotes D4 M – Romania v Italy 5-11, Group D

Romania v Italy 5-11 – Day 4, Men, Group D

Flash Quotes


Dejan Satanojevic, head coach, Romania

Italy showed their superiority and why they are top 3 or 4 in the world. We could discuss other things but that was the difference. I am totally not satisfied and I will try to resolve some things in our mentality is what we can change. When you play a high quality team you must have a high level of motivation and concentration and to use all your energy on defence and how you use the ball. They are much better than us and don’t have what we need to learn from these games.

Alessandro Campagna, head coach, Italy

I expected this kind of match because I know Romania is a strong team physically. Their coach is motivated to get them to a better level. So they tried from the beginning to the end. We started a little nervous with shooting and then quarter by quarter we played to our level. Our next game is with Georgia and although we are top of our group I believe some players need to play better.

Cosmin Radu, captain, Romania

Our defence was good. But it was frustrating that we were not able to score for a longer period. In the following match with Germany we must play much better than today.

Fabio Baraldi, player, Italy

This game was a kind of preparation for the quarter final. We played good but this was not our best water polo. I think in another two or three games we will play better.