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Flash Quotes D4 W – Croatia v Serbia 4-8, Group B

Croatia v Serbia 4-8 – Day 4, Women, Group B

Flash Quotes

Niksa Savin, head coach, Croatia

We made more personal faults as we wanted. But I’m satisfied with the girls. They gave their maximum. They showed that they have a strong character, although they are the youngest team in this tournament.

Vladimir Bajkovic, head coach, Serbia

I am satisfied with the second half of the game. We started very badly because of the pressure to win this match. After ten years this was the first match where we were the favourite team. Phsychological preparation was the really important for this game because of the pressure and the inexperience of my team. In the match versus Spain I expect the girls to hold Spain not scoring more than 15 goals. This is my target. Spain is one of the strongest teams in Europe and very strong in transmission. We will try to score more goals against them than other teams have.

Petra Bukic, captain, Croatia

I think that we could play better. But we are a very young team and it’s the first time that we play together. In regard to this fact it was good.

Dragana Ivkovic, player, Serbia

We started slow but managed to reverse the game to our benefit and to finish it with a victory. Our next game versus Spain will be more difficult than this. We have to play better.