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Flash Quotes D4 M – Turkey v Greece 6-21, Group D

Turkey v Greece 6-21, Day 4, Men, Group D

Flash Quotes 


Mehmet Alp Olcaytu, head coach, Turkey

Our target is that we are waiting for the second part of this tournament. I know this because there are some teams who are very strong. We gave our best and we no focus on the next part. This was still a really good result for us.

Theodoros Vlachos, head coach, Greece

That was not a normal game for us. It was a very fast game. We played different to our style. We got more goals than at a normal game. We got nervous during the game because we missed some easy goals. We have it in our mind that we want to be first in our group.

Arslan Sutalo, player, Turkey

It was a hard game. The Greek team plays much better than we. We are a team which is in progress. We hope to be better in the future.

Christos Afroudakis, captain, Greece

It was a good game. Our level was better. We played well because we were concentrated. We keep going and will see how the next game is going to be