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Flash Quotes D4 F – Germany v Italy 3-22 – Group B

Germany v Italy 3-22 – Day 4, Women, Group B?

Flash Quotes

Milos Sekulic, head coach, Germany

The Italian team is physically superior to us. In this regard, we still have much room for improvement and for that we need to train in the future. In regard to the match against France on Friday we have changed a lot today to conserve forces. In addition, Claudia Blomenkamp was handicapped a little with a sore throat. Against France, we have to give everything to win.

Fabio Conti, head coach, Italy

It’s important that in matches like these our concentration is at a same high level like in an important game. Only in this way we can reach the important part of the Championships in good condition. For the upcoming games against Croatia and Serbia I expect that our condition is getting better step by step. We can play a lot better.

Carmen Gelse, captain, Germany

The defeat was predictable. But we have sold us below our value and that annoys me. I do not know if we had too much respect for Italy. But we have run into too many unnecessary counterattacks. We can’t give 100 percent in every match, for that our strength is lacking. The match against France on Friday will be a very important game.

Tania di Mario, captain, Italy

We use these kind of matches to prepare the final fight with Spain that will secure the first place in preliminary group B. Yesterday we worked very hard in the swimming pool and in the gym and watched the last matches versus Germany on video. Today we played well.