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Flash Quotes D4 W – Spain v France 21-2 – Group B

Spain v France 21-2 – Day 4, Women, Group B

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Miguel Oca, head coach, Spain

Today we were great in defence. Our next game is against Serbia. The most important matches are still coming. The quarter final is our next goal.

Filippos Sakelis, head coach, France

The positive side of this match is that I could give a rest to some of my players and a chance to the younger ones. It was a good experience for them – tough but good.

Jennifer Pareja, captain, Spain

The most important thing is to leave a good impression while playing the first games. And that will be needed for the next ones, too.

Louise Guillet, captain, France

It wasn’t an easy game. Spain has a strong team. In our team a lot of people are sick. Now we have to forget this match and prepare the next important game against Germany. If we play like we played against Italy on Monday I hope we will win against Germany