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Flash Quotes D4 M – Germany v Georgia 11-9 – Group C

Germany v Georgia 11-9 – Day 4 – Men, Group C

Flash Quotes

Patrick Weissinger, head coach, Germany

That was a very tough job today. We knew that it would be hard but we did not expect that it would be so tough. Same as against Italy on Monday we were not awake enough at the beginning. After that we needed a lot of patience. But now we look forward. The match against Romania on Friday is our most important game here.

Jovan Popovic, head coach, Georgia

Germany won but we showed that we could play very well. The fourth period was not as successful as the first three. Compliments to the German team for their Fair Play. Our next game is against Italy and we will start with the preparations immediately.

Julian Real, captain, Germany

We really had a bad start. Whether this was due to the early time or not, I don’t know at the moment. In the end only the victory counts. And that was very important today. With a win over Romania on Friday we have it in our hands to finish second-placed in our preliminary group.

Zurab Rurua, captain, Georgia

This was a very hard game for us because the Germans are a good team and physically well prepared. But we tried our best today. We played well three quarters, but in the fourth quarter we made some small mistakes