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Flash Quotes D5 – France v Serbia 8-16 – Group B

France v Serbia 8-16 – Day 5, Men, Group B

Flash Quotes

Florian Bruzzo, head coach, France

In the fourth period Serbia changed the defence and it was hard to resist. We lost two games, so I can’t be satisfied. But that is my team and we have to stay on this level to go to the next round.

Dejan Savic, head coach, Serbia

It was very tough for us because we had two training sessions harder than usual. The first two periods were difficult for my players, but the victory was expected.

Ugo Crousillat, captain, France

We played two periods very well. At the end we were a little bit tired and our defence was not as good as in the beginning. Serbia is a very strong team. We lost some man-up-attacks because of our mistakes. I’m not happy with this defeat, but we improved since the match against Croatia, when we played really bad. Today we wanted to show a better face…

Branislav Mitrovic, player, Serbia

The most important thing is that we achieved the first place in our group. We knew that the match will be hard. The start of the game showed our mistakes, from now on we have to play better and better. The support of our fans was fascinating, it gave us power to play better in some moments. I hope that until the end of the tournament there will be more people. Our next game is versus Slovakia, we don’t know too much about them. We will prepare watching some videos. The knock-out round is very important for us.