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Flash Quotes D5 M – Montenegro v Slovakia 15-6 – Group A

Montenegro v Slovakia 15-6 – Day 5, Men, Group A

Flash Quotes


Vladimir Gojkovic, head coach, Montenegro

Before the game we knew that we have to win in order to save the first place in our preliminary group. It was tough in the last two periods. We made some small mistakes. Now we have to prepare for the next game.

Antonio Esteller, head coach, Slovakia

Montenegro started the first period very aggressive and with high effectivity. We waited because it’s not possible to keep the same high level the entire game upright. We made some smart moves in the last two periods.

Mladan Janovic, player, Montenegro

We tried to chase a difference of almost unreal 14 goals. We could do that, if we had not made so many mistakes. It is really difficult to win the match with a difference of 14 goals.

Juray Zatovic, captain, Slovakia

We knew that it will be a hard game because Montenegro is one of the best teams in Europe. We didn’t expect to win, but we tried to make the score most favorable for us. We started slowly, but in the last quarter we were consolidated. So in the end it is not bad, but it isn’t good either. The next game is against Serbia. I think this speaks for itself. We will try to go through this game with the least damage and to stay mentally ready. It will be an important match for us.