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Flash Quotes D5 W – Russia v Greece 16-6 – Group A

Russia v Greece 16-6 – Day 5, Women, Group A

Flash Quotes

Alexander Gaidukov, head coach, Russia

It was a very hard game. But we are satisfied with the result. The most important thing is that we played very well.

Athanasios Kechagias, head coach, Greece

It was a hard game. We didn’t play so well, but in sport every day is a hard day. We will analyse the problem and try to solve it.

Ioanna Chydirioti, player, Russia

It was not our first game versus Greece. We know their good and bad sides. Today we were better in the defence. We tried to beat them in every piece of the pool. Only the first and maybe also in some parts of the second period it was difficult for us. In the third and fourth period we just understood how to do it. We listened to our coach and tried to do our best. It was a good game for us.

Christina Kotsia, player, Greece

We are very disappointed. It was a tough game and I hope we will do better the next time.