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Flash Quotes D5 M – Spain v Netherlands 15-4, Group A

Spain v Netherlands 15-4 – Day 5, Men, Group A

Flash Quotes


Gabriel Hernandez, head coach, Spain

We knew that the competition was going to be a big task. We were very excited. I’m satisfied because the spirit of the team was high. They’ve done their best.

Robin van Galen, head coach, Netherlands

Spain is a top team in the world. We are making progress, but are staying between 10 and 15 in Europe and the world. They played much better, more aggressive. Because of the goal difference it was difficult for us to play. We made few mistakes and 15:4 is a disappointing result. But of course they are much better than the others.

Balasz Sziranyi, player, Spain

Our 5:0-lead in the first quarter came somewhat surprising for us. We didn’t expect that it will go so easy. Then the Dutch became better, but we played well. Now we hope that the goal difference will be sufficient to finish on first place in our preliminary group.

Thomas Lucas, player, Netherlands

We made too many mistakes, played long passes. So they had a chance for a counterattack, it was 5-0 and the game was already over.