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Flash Quotes D5 W – Hungary v Turkey 27-1, Group A

Hungary v Turkey 27-1 – Day 5, Women, Group A

Flash Quotes

Attila Biro, head coach, Hungary

I’m very happy that the Turkish team is here in the European Championships. We showed them all of our respect by playing very seriously.

Hakan Sahbaz, head coach, Turkey

I can’t say that this match was a great experience for us. The Hungarian team is so much stronger than ours. But we are glad that we are here. We will concentrate on improving our game.

Orsolya Takascz, captain, Hungary

We knew that we were the stronger team, but the victory before our next game with Russia was very important. Today we played very concentrated. Our defence and attack were good. It was easy, but we had to play on a high level.

Melda Fatma Idrisoglu, captain, Turkey

It was a difficult match for us. The Hungarians are much more experienced. We will try to win against Portugal. To participate in this European Championship in Belgrade is a very good experience for our team and we enjoy being here.